A unique Display is always eye catching and attracts either a lot of eyeballs or footfalls depending on the area you use it at. Be it at your company’s Reception area, or at your booth at an Event, or during a Classroom Training or at a Conference, a unique high quality display always delivers.

  • Project [ 1500 – 7500 ansi lumens]
  • Plasma TV [ 42” – 50” ]
  • LCD TV [ 40” – 55’ ]
  • LED TV [ 40” – 55’ ]
  • 3D TV [ 40” – 55”]
  • Your Company Branded Display products [ back lit or bottom lit]

Our team, based on your requirements will help in formulating a plan that blends in with your schedules, so that the integration of equipment and services is seamless, leading up to the Event.

Our back office team uses the in house inventory tracking system and keeps track of all equipment sent to the site, and arranges accordingly for standby equipment too, thus finally ensuring that you are billed correctly only for equipment that has been ordered or utilized, and thus ensuring Fair Accounting Practices.

At Yacca Computer Service, we stand behind our equipment with a dedication to Service that’s unequalled in the industry. From ordering and delivery, to setup and maintenance, we are there with you all the way.

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Display Devices on Rent

January 4, 2014