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Yacca Computer Service!

Yacca Computer Service Optimizes your business for today’s fast-changing business environment.

We offer a complete range of IT-Infrastructure Servers, Workstations, desktops, Laptops, Routers & Switches from leading brands. We possess an abundance of knowledge & the ability to assess the client’s exact & specific vision of a perfect computer system. With the added advantage of excellent marketing skills & a shrewd insight of the dating status market pulse, we are in a perfect position to offer you the best of computer products at cost-effective rates.

Yacc Computer Service will not compromise on the quality of the machines & we maintain quality as per the industry standard & we use only genuine Intel boxed processors & genuine products in each and every system we supply, which in turn gives an enhanced performance to the user & all the materials are dispatched only after thoroughly Checked & tested by our customer head.

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Laser printer rentals, deskjet rentals, and multifunctional printer rentals are the perfect solutions to short term demands for increased printing capacity at your office, trade show booth, or other temporary project.

In need of internet during your event with no WiFi in the area? We offer aircards & WiFi hotspots to keep you connected with wireless service.

Windows Desktop Computers, Windows All-In-Ones, iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. Whatever your business needs, we’ll get it to you.

We carry a variety of Windows laptops, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs. No matter what configuration or Quantity you need, we can help.

Short thrown, long thrown, rear projection, and more. We have projectors to fit every need and venue.

Big or small, we have them all. Whether you need a monitor for your computer or a monitor for your tradeshow wall, we’ve got your covered.


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