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Cost Benefit

  • You can tailor your payment schemes as per your specific cash flow or budgetary requirements.
  • We can arrive at a mutually convenient and agreed payment options for the rentals to match your comfort levels while ensuring reasonable and timely returns for us.
  • Rental may be paid monthly, in advance or back-ended, or quarterly in advance. Renting allows you to get equipment with required technological sophistication instead of being content with buying what your budget allows at those points in time.

Protection against obsolescence

  • Renting option allows you to protect your equipment against obsolescence. Required upgradation could be quick and at reasonable additional costs and without disposal related hassles.
  • Preferred option for Exhibitions, Presentations, Promotional Events, etc., or to meet sudden upsurge in workloads.

Evade inflation

  • Unlike other expenses such as salaries and utilities, rental payments are fixed and do not amplify overtime. This allows more precise profit and cash-flow planning.
  • Rental equipment’s are ready ex-stock and usually delivered within 24-48 hours from the time of ordering.

Preserve cash

  • Renting option allows you to conserve your investments for your core business needs rather than using those funds in the infrastructure required to run the said core business.
  • Renting provides you with a supplementary source of funding, allowing you to preserve credit lines for other investment opportunities.

Obtain off-balance sheet endowment

  • Equipment rented by you is not included as an asset in your balance sheet under this OPEX model.
  • This may increase your borrowing capacity and improve key financial ratios such as debt-equity and return on assets.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Acquisition costs in opting for outright purchase get enlarged by costs of installation, deployment, decommissioning and trouble-shooting, etc.
  • Renting option thus works out cost-effective, reducing the TCO.

Technology Adoption

  • Technology, as we know, is changing at a very rapid pace in this time and age.
  • And its only expected to move faster.
  • Under the circumstances processing power needs, and speeds, are becoming defining factors in helping internal processes become faster.
  • Given this scenario, the Technology Refresh Rate is becoming shorter./li>
  • Renting thus makes this adoption easier, and least expensive as a solution as compared to buying.


Rental equipment’s are ready ex-stock and usually delivered within 24-48 hours from the time of ordering.

  • This decreases deployment time drastically.
  • Be it for a branded or an unbranded equipment. Its always ready.

Simplification of your IT Process

Renting frees you from procuring and maintaining Service Packs, or entering into different Service Level Agreement’s with different vendors for various products used by You or Your organization.

It also frees you from maintaining records of Software Licenses owned by You or Your organization. When you are on a Rental model, your single contract will cover all the above areas. Your equipment will come with software preloaded.

Access to the Best in IT

  • Renting allows you to use the Best IT equipment there is to offer, based on your needs.
  • It brings within reach any and all IT equipment.
  • Whether it’s a new Technology you want to try out, or simply use it for a short period of time, Renting helps you fulfill that desire.
  • Renting brings within reach a whole range of technologies without you having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

Fastest Support

As a company offering you this service, we understand a very simple fact. On a Rental model, our client is paying us for literally every hour of usage. And this motivates and drives us to ensure that your problems, if any, arising out of usage of our equipment, is attended to in the shortest possible time. This has helped us to be in a position to have the Fastest Response Time in the industry today.

Free Up Capital

Your Return on Capital in your business, or by putting it to better use, will be far more than if you utilized it on high depreciating equipment*. Renting equipment helps you Free up your Capital and put it to better use, and also in turn to reduce your debt burden, if any.

Peace of Mind

  • Renting with Us ensure you have complete peace of mind. We not only Rent the equipment to You but also maintain it.
  • Instant replacement of equipment to instant upgrades as the case or requirement maybe.
  • We can also manage your entire IT department and free you of all worries and labor management issues. We make IT Simple.