man-colorsYacca Computer Service Optimizes your business for today’s fast-changing business environment. For all your computing needs, we offer a wide range of computers for rent: Windows Desktops, Apple Desktops, All-in-One Computers, and Gaming PCs!. Yacca Computer Services has worked with thousands of different companies, spanning across hundreds of different industries. With a diverse staff with decades of experience, we’re sure to have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right equipment for your event at a great price. Anything from PC and tablet rentals, to audio-visual and enterprise level hardware, we’ve supplied it to large and small corporations, meeting planners, political figures, and hotels.


Yacc Computer Service will not compromise on the quality of the machines & we maintain quality as per the industry standard & we use only genuine Intel boxed processors & genuine products in each and every system we supply, which in turn gives an enhanced performance to the user & all the materials are dispatched only after thoroughly Checked & tested by our customer head.

How We Are Working?


It is our philosophy that we only provide solutions that make sense. While renting technology is a great way to enhance your events while saving money, sometimes renting is not the best option. In certain scenarios, it could be cheaper to purchase equipment rather than rent it.

Considering having us ship one 24″ monitor to Yacca? That is not very cost effective, so we would recommend against these types of rentals. Sometimes the convenience for a business greatly outweighs the cost, and we understand this as well

We will work with businesses throughout the good company to provide the best consultation, rental equipment and setup for your events while keeping in mind what is cost effective for the customer.